Knowing Your Felines

Every single cat in this world is born in a blind state. They are only able to visualize their surroundings after a few weeks from their birth.
Cats typically have this rudimentary collar bone that would enable them to go through those tight openings and spaces which also helps them in their stride and balance. Check out to get started.

Not only that, but these beloved creatures have an additional eyelid that are not so visible to the human eye. Having to see such a part in their face would usually indicate that they are sick.

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not have a specialized vision during the day although they are more equipped in handling the nightly surroundings than their human counterpart. This is because of their big pupils that could store in the light from the day which enables a reflective surface in their retina.

With that in mind, there is also this binocular aspect that comes with their field of sight. This means that they could perceive more closely to their target thus locking in their position, wherein they would sweep in for the attack at a quick pursuit.

Their sight are not the only senses that are stronger than humans, as they could also smell more strongly. If a cat has rushed out of that place because of a bad smell, then chances are that they have detected it first than you.

The sense of hearing is also incomparable in a general sense. They have this heightened ears that could pinpoint those higher pitched tones compared to what a normal human or even a dog could correlate. In fact, there are about thirty of those working muscles that are doing all the necessary work in order to get to that place of sound or distress.

If you are wondering about their whiskers, then you should know that every positioning of those hairs are different from the others. It basically functions as some sort of a finger print for them. These things could also provide as an extension for them to feel around during the night. If these whiskers are erect, then it gives them this sort of a magical ability to comprehend the space that are squeezing into. You would know how your cat is behaving through those whiskers. If they are standing up pointing to their respective sides, then that means that your cat is lively and excited. If they are more relaxed and just careless, then that would mean that your cat is just chilling or defensive. Click here to learn more about cats.

Do not underestimate these felines though as their teeth are very sharp, capable of killing any prey that they want to dive their teeth into. It pretty much is their main form of defense in the outside. As a breakdown, the longest of these cats within the wild in terms of the body span would be the leopard, while the jaguar have the strongest of those feline jaws out there which are capable enough to break through a shell of a turtle.
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